Katherine, Portland, OR. Never enough sleep.


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i want to have a wardrobe w like 5 shirts and 3 pants and 3 skirts or something why is that so difficult i have like 50 of everything

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Truly amazing

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Truly amazing

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if its summer can i just dress like its winter and pretend its not summer 

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i should be more willing to pack bc i’m finally going back to where i’ve been wanting to be since i left but actually i still hate packing 

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A boyfriend who deals w the bullshit I have to deal w bc my parents are sometimes insane and overprotective is one worth taking out to expensive sushi restaurants

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How different would my past relationships have been if I had snapchat during them

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Andy Goldsworthy’s art

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cant fucking believe i’m gonna be in portland in a week

like literally cannot believe it because california feels like a hell hole i’ve been sucked into and i am gasping to find some sort of worth in this place

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