Katherine, Portland, OR. Never enough sleep.

Excuse me while I cry in my room at 1 am as I watch all my friends graduate via livestream

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How is it possible for me to miss everywhere at the same time. I miss Mexico and California and Portland and I also am feeling sad about leaving here. I want to be everywhere at once.

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i want another piercing but idk what to get

really into subtle piercings but if i get too many they’re not subtle 

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last weekend in this city 

also the most painful weekend as all of my friends are graduating and i don’t get to be there


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forever better communication w past/current boyfriends’ moms than past/current boyfriends

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My Girl Gotta Girlfriend - Ray Lavender

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hearing obama’s dinner jokes are like when you’re impressed that your school principal wants to tell jokes at an assembly even though the jokes are kind of dorky and you’re mad at him for when he kills innocent people

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10 days 

i have 2 papers a presentation and 4 exams to study for but wow guess how much i care about any of that 

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guess how many cinco de mayo fb statuses/posts i’ve seen from my family/mexicans today 

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i think i’m ready to admit to myself that i am actually in love w a girl and i am like a dumb 10 y/o boy smiling and blushing like an idiot when she says hi to me jesus christ 

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i am an american citizen i have the right to netflix and hbogo 

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